About the Team

In our essence, we are persons who are not only passionate about outdoors and mountain activities but are living it by all means. At first glance it seems like we grew up in two rather different environments. For Vilborg her challenges were almost always connected to ice and cold. She masters high winds and freezing conditions crossing things like Greenland or Antarctica as well as thing air higher up – all the way to the Everest. I (Aleš) started his outdoor live before he was even a teenager, looking for steep and difficult rock to climb in the warm sun of Alpine valleys across the Europe. Later I gradually got used also on colder conditions while climbing on some of the worlds most technical peaks of Karakoram and Himalayas.

After many years  of experiences in all sorts of hostile environments of the mountains and glaciers we started to share our passion, love and skills with other people. Villa has been guiding people for not lass than 17 years already, mostly in different places of magical Iceland, but also elsewhere like Himalayas, Greenland, Atlas, etc… I started my professional guiding career in year 2008 when I  started with 4 years of training and courses to be an IFMGA mountain guide. Thus for the last decade, I help people exceed their capabilities and climb to numerous peaks of the Alps, Himalayas, Antarctica and elsewhere. What maybe does not seem as relevant for guiding, but very important for our energy and attitude towards our work is the fact and to this day, we are still very active in our own personal goals and challenges in the mountains and outdoors.

Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir

Founder and general manager

A polar explorer and mountaineer. Among others, she traversed Greenland, did a solo traverse to the South Pole. In mountaineering world she is most well known for completing all the 7 summits.

Aleš Česen


A world class alpinist. He did numerous first ascents around the world including Karakoram and Himalayas. He was twice awarded with prestigious 'Piolet d'Or' award (in 2015 for first ascent on Hagshu and 2019 for first ascent on Latok).