Advice & Tips


The weather in Iceland is always a big factor to consider and pay attention about. On all the broshures (yes, ours included) you have photos with sunshine and calm friendly weather. But like on every outdoor trip this is obviously always not the case. Even in summer, temperatures can be pretty chilly. Probably the biggest inconvenience in Iceland in terms of weather is the wind and if you add rain to it, you got the combo. To fight the weather successfully, first of all, you need a positive attitude and second of all, good clothes and shoes.

*Hint: Although the weather in Iceland can be harsh, you should not expect something like shown on the left photo, so no worries :)


The most important features for clothes to wear in Iceland, summer or winter, is definitely - waterproofness. When temperatures drop and wind picks up it is crucial to stay dry. However, the waterproof outer layer is not the only one important. You need to keep your body warm with right selection of materials. On Iceland is a well known saying 'cotton kills'. There is a reason why (almost) all Icelanders wears traditional wool sweaters. When wool gets wet it preserves 80% of the original thermal insulation. The cotton on the other hand looses almost entirely. 


If you are attending a summer trekking trip in Iceland, you want a comfortable shoes that are waterproof (best is to have a Gore-Tex membrane). We highly recommend a mid or high shoes that cover your ankles. The main reason is to keep dry in wet grass and mud, that you came across rather frequently.

For winter or glacier trip,, you will need a proper mountaineering boots compatible with crampons. In any case, we will send you a full list of equipment (including shoes) that you need for every trip you will sign in.