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Polar training

Do you have a goal insight? If you are dreaming about crossing a glacier, skiing a last degree or even take on one a full South Pole expedition. Join a course and we work on your skills to together. Standard courses include lessons about weather, navigation, camp skills, equipment and repairing,  nutrition and mental strength. 

We also offer private  lessons, coaching and consulting. 


Winter camping

Are you interested in learning more about travelling in cold winter conditions, seeking a new adventure or looking for an opportunity to see the northern lights and star gazing. We provide you everything needed and our location is based on conditions and weather forecast each time. This is one to remeber!

Vatnajökull crossing

Classic first ski expedition that has everything to offer. It can be challenging in terms of weather and conditions that offers a good learning experience. We start on the west part of the glacier and ski towards north east. You need good stamina and if you have no experience of winter camping we recommend our training courses before taking on a Vatnajokull crossing. Our trip takes 9 days with transport and possible weather days. 


Scoresby sund & stauning alps

There are very few travelers who have ever been in this area. Scoresbysund is on north east coast of Greenland and the Stauning Alps on the norhen part of this biggest fjord system in the world. This is a combination of a week long tour where we sail on an old traditional sailing boat as long with going on shore for a three day exploring trip in the Stauning Alps. This is a unique once in a lifetime experience!

Greenland icecap crossing

This is a classic, challenging and rewarding polar expedition.  Crossing Greenland is considered to be one of  "the three" major polar expeditions and "polar hat-trick". We start on the East side and ski South West covering 640 km. On average we travel from 8-10 hrs per day, hauling our sledge. It´s a beautiful expedition and you senesce the freedom so clearly when you have everything you need in one sledge. 

For this expedition you need to be in good conditions physically and mentally and previous experience is required. 


South Pole - Ski the last degree

Skiing the last degree to the South Pole is an incredible experience and gives you a glimpse into the early day exploring as we travel by our own human power hauling sledges with our supplies covering the same ground. 

Our days consists of daily routine in camp before and after our sessions but we spend on average 8 hours skiing. 

p.s. #Southpoleselfie is a must!