Scoresby Sund & Stauning Alps 

We are extremely proud to have of this week-long expedition in East Greenland which we co-operate with our friends in North Sailing.
Imagine sailing in the vast wild nature of the Scoresby Sund, living on a sailing boat, hiking and climbing in the remote Stauning Alps and possible witnessing polar bears in their natural habitat!
Surely a true exploration of the highest degree!
Tour Summary

Length:  8 days / 7 nights

Time: August / September

  • Scoresby Sund
  • Stauning Alps
  • Sailing
  • Exploring
  • Mountaineering (possible unclimbed peak)
  • Visit Ittoqqortoormiit
  • Possibility to see a polar bear


Depart Reykjavík for a flight to Constable Point in Greenland, a small airfield west of Hurry Inlet in Jameson Land. Embark the schooner and get an introduction and a safety briefing by the crew. Afterwards, we set sails towards the village of Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the most isolated villages in the world. Once there, passengers will be able to stroll around and experience its remoteness before sailing into the world’s largest fjord system (overnight sailing).

We start with an easy hike on land where there is a good chance of seeing muskox and snow hares. The area is a common fishing ground for the locals with an old house that served the role of a trading post in the past. After a brief visit, we set sails into the North Vest fjord.

Overnight: Stormpynt

Currently, located about 200 kilometres inland, we pick up our backpacks and go on foot towards the Stauning Alps. Here hardly any have gone before, so this is a true exploration of the highest degree. When we reach the destination for the day, camps are set up and supper is served as the preparation for the big day takes place.

Overnight: camp

Now it’s time to head on, up to the mountains. We expect to be hiking the whole day, enjoying the best the Alps have to offer. The spectacular view of the fjord, where the interaction of peaks and icebergs is truly stunning. Strong focus is on flora, fauna and geology during the hike. We expect to be back in the lodge for supper.

Overnight: camp

After a light breakfast, we take down the camp and hike back to schooner Hildur.

Onboard the group will have light refreshments as we sail further into Northwest fjord enjoying this magnificent area. The fjord is within the national park, where icebergs are the largest seen in this breathtaking fjord-system and peaks rise majestically into the sky. On we sail toward Bear Island where we will enjoy a pleasant evening in a good company.

Overnight: Nyhavn in Bear Island

Now it’s time to explore the magnificent Øfjord that has no equal in the world. A landscape with high contrast that is both at once; spectacular and extremely beautiful. The cliffs rise on sections 2000 meters straight up from the sea with icebergs dancing on its surface.

After sailing and exploring the fjord and having some fun activities along the way we head back to Bear Islands. There we plunge into the sea to have a good swim at 71° latitude, delicious barbecue and a campfire.

Overnight: Jytteshavn in Bear Islands (or Charcot havn in eastern Milneland)

We start the day by sailing in between the Bear Islands and look at icebergs at Hallbredning. If conditions are favourable, we will go ashore at Rødehytta on Jameson Land. From there we will sail toward the Kap Stewart and towards Constable point where we will spend the rest of the night at anchor.

Overnight: Near CNP airport

After a week of exploration we say our goodbyes and fly back to Iceland.

General information

Schooner Hildur


Schooner Hildur is a comfortable and sturdy two-mast schooner that was rebuilt from the remains of an old fishing boat, beautifully crafted in every detail.

Hildur has one large 4 passengers cabin, one twin cabin, one double cabin and 4 single bunks in the saloon area. Hildur also has crew facilities, a shower and a bathroom – comfortably accommodating 10 passengers and her crew.

Meals can be enjoyed in the cozy saloon below deck or upon deck enjoying the ever changing views.

Difficulty level: Demanding

The hiking part of this tour requires good physical condition and prior hiking experience. Hikers can expect quite high elevation gain. The hiking is off-trail and there are steep sections on some parts of the route. Please choose a backpack that is adequate for food, water and extra clothing. Hikers need to pack these necessities for the day and other additional equipment such as crampons and ice axe for example. We expect long days during this part of the journey.

  • August & September

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  • Flight Reykjavík – Constable Point - Reykjavík
  • Transport in Constable Pint
  • Accommodation based on shared facilities
  • Breakfasts, boxed lunches, dinners and hot drinks.
  • All meals onboard the sailing ship.
  • Soft drinks
  • Services of the crew
  • Hiking excursions (as per itinerary) and arrangements
  • Airfare to and from Iceland
  • SAR insurance (mandatory for Greenland National Park)
  • Excess baggage charges.
  • Laundry charges and items of personal nature
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Extra snacks
  • Personal equipment
  • All extra costs excluded in the included box

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