Landmannalaugar expedition

Landmannalaugar expedition

Off the beaten track and all the colors of the rainbow
This tour is one of our gems and we are very proud of having it in our selection. If you are fancying going places and visit some of Icelands most wonderful gems that are only accessible by foot, this dynamic tour is for you.
Highlights include the contrast of the bright green moss to the black sand volcanic desserts, the colorful mountain range we traverse to crossing to the glacier,  taking our shoes of and dipping our feet into the refreshing cold rivers to soaking in a hot geothermal pool. This is the trip you have been daydreaming about and now you have a change to turn it into memories. 
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Tour Summary

Length:  6 days / 5 nights

Time: July & August 

Distance: 80 KM / 2900 VM

  • Landmannalaugar
  • Hattver
  • Jökulgil
  • Grænihryggur
  • Torfajökull
  • Strútslaug


Departure from Reykjavík to the start of our journey, Laufafell, here we say good bye to our driver and hike up to mt Laufafell. It´s an easy hike with amazing view over the area we will spent the next six days on. On a good day you see the majority of the Icelandic glaciers. From Laufafell we hike furter on to our first camp which carries the friendly name Dalakofi. 
Distance:  13 km. 
Elevation: 780 m (-487) 

 After breakfast and packing our stuff we put our packs on our backs and head on towards Landmannahellir camp. As we start the hike we formally enter the nature reserve of Fjallabak. On the way we enjoy being in wild nature and off the beaten track. We walk along Rauðfossakvísl and lay eyes on Rauðfoss  which has its name from the color red. As we travel further we will cross some streams and end our day in our camp, the cave of the Landmanns, shelterd by the mountain Loðmundur with many rock formations. 

As we enter to our third day the environment will transfer to greener and and more vegetated scenery than on our first two days.  The path takes us to the lake Löðmundarvatn and other mountain lakes. We head up to the pass of Dómadalsháls and cross the colorful hills of mt Háalda and Brennisteinsalda, one of Landmannalaugar attractions,  and as we approch our camp we flow throught the lawa fields of Laugahraun. 
Offcourse we highly recommend a nice soak at the geothermal pool in Landmannalaugar. 
(This day is the highest point of the route, at 823 meters. )
Distance:  Xkm. 
elevation: X m (-121) 
No matter what the weather is like there is always sunshine in the mountains around Landmannalaugar. The yellow color comes from the sulfur and followed by the other colors of the rainbow. We head on towards Skalli mountain and along the way we get a view to our destination of Jökulgil canyon.  Our route go´s by one of the most beautiful ridges in the country as we enter the canyon.  We will put up a camp below the mountain Hattur and have light lunch. 
From there we keep on our journey to lay eyes on the nature wonder Grænihryggur, that goes by the name Green backbone or Green ridge.
After crossing a river we slowly head uphill until we reach a ridge with a view of a un describable combinations of rock formations and colors. This one you have to see for your self.  The ridge leads us to the one and only Grænihryggur.  After breathing in the landscape and some photography moments we head back to our camp. 
There is nothing like having a breakfast in on this campsite. Its wild, its breath taking and adds a taste to your coffee. We have a demanding day ahead, as we hike through the canyon until we hike up a steep slope up to the glacier carved Plato until we reach the north part of Torfajökull glacier where we will cross it. We walk along Syrði Ófæra river until we find the naturepool of Strútslaug. We soak in, rest after the day and from there we have about one hour hike to our camp. 
 Distance:  X km. 
elevation:  X m (-391) 
This will be our last day of the trek. It´s filled with volcanic trails. The contrast of the black sand, green moss and the glacier in the distance make wonderful photo opportunities.  We cross the river Kaldaklof  and cross Hvanngilshnausar on the way to our final night in Hvanngil hut. 
Distance:  15 km. 
elevation:  288 m (-307)

General information

  • 4. - x. July
  • xx. - x July
  • 4.  - 11. August
  • xx. - xx. august

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